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Small summary in 2018 was the first B2B wholesale e-commerce platform for the Horeca/Food Service market, leader in this segment in Portugal. 

Now, 2021, we are a e-marketplace for the portuguese market, serving professionals (B2B) and end consumers (B2C).

  • We created BUYIN.PT - Comércio Electrónico, SA in 2016, and in May 2018 we launched, we came to fill the inexistence of a e-marketplace proposal in the market, bringing producers and their products to their customers in a simple and efficient (B2B) mode. The path has been one of sustained growth, and after the Covid-19 pandemic the market started asking for the same solution for all customers (B2C), this led to a considerable acceleration of turnover, always maintaining high levels of service and customer satisfaction.
  • At this stage (covid-19 pandemic), MERCACHEFE.PT lacks notoriety in the B2C market and, for historical growth, to consolidate a Brand Awereness campaign supported by a nationwide communication action is essential. The financing is precisely to create this notoriety and knowledge of MERCACHEFE.PT through Marketing actions.
  • The existence of a marketplace like MERCACHEFE.PT, regardless of the major brands, brings several advantages to consumers, namely: lower prices, since the contribution to a marketplace is lower (-20%) than for a large retailer, allowing producers to have a more interesting purchase condition; the service that MERCACHEFE.PT offers is very different, as it guarantees very attractive delivery times (48h) in national coverage; Through partnerships already established with the best logistics companies and in particular with SIMAB (wholesale markets), we give the opportunity to small national producers to place their products on the market at national level.

Remember, keep it concise, but personal. Ask yourself: if someone stopped reading here, would they be ready to make a contribution or invest with us?


MERCACHEFE.PT is an e-marketplace of the HORECA / Food Service with deliveries to all addresses in mainland Portugal D + 1 and D + 2 (next day +1 and +2) of all types of products (dry, frozen and chilled).

Our model focuses on the supply of food and beverages, but also non-food products, with home delivery in vans certified to transport food products.

We are a 100% digital company, that is, we are neither a retail supermarket nor a wholesale cash & carry that also sells online.

Customers, whether companies or individuals, select the products they want from each “sellers” online, and pay with ATM or bank transfer. Then, MercaChefe organizes the collection of the products in the various "sellers" coordinating with the logistics companies according to the place of collection, the destination and the type of products.

Our model focuses on simplicity, efficiency, innovative and unique, a tool that helps professionals in the sector to manage waste, stock, purchases, orders and payments to suppliers, but also to individuals who live countryside can buy online, and everyone who doesn't want to leave home, buy what they need on a daily basis, as long as they buy per box. Recently, some Sellers started selling in units.

Like Airbnb or Booking, which have no properties, houses or hotels, we are a food delivery company with no stores, warehouses and stock. We collect products from “sellers” (manufacturers and wholesalers), so we do not need warehouses.

After 2 years of success supplying the HoReCa channel on March 18, 2020, we started to accept individuals as buyers, in order to face the pandemic COVID19.


What we need:

  • In order to maintain the levels of service and quality to the customer, strategic partnerships were developed in the meantime (Logistics Operator), after this phase we want to proceed with the Marketing and Communication plan. This plan is divided between: Staffing: 15%; Communication (Web & physical): 10%; online and offline marketing: 60%; Branding: 15%
  • If the objective of the campaign is not achieved, there will be a proposal to include the values of the financing in the company's capital with the counterpart of the acquisition of company shares.

The intended impact

Our model offers the best online ordering and food delivery experience for professionals and individuals. No more programming your life around expensive and time-consuming delivery slots.

No more wasted hours wandering around the supermarket or cash & carry, and no surprises when you receive products that have been imposed on you by retailers for you to buy. At you buy directly from retailers' suppliers (supermarkets, grocery stores).

We are demonstrating that this model will become the norm, buy directly from brands and producers, and that it can be done at a profit.

We plan to cause this impact through our own e-commerce platform and through our partnership agreements with food producers, wholesalers and distributors in Portugal.

We provide them with everything: a fully recognized e-commerce platform, a fleet of distributors with specially trained drivers, the benefits of all our technology, customer service - even marketing.

Our infrastructure is working and we can implement it and be prepared to receive thousands of daily orders.


HORECA (hotel & restaurants), Catering and hospitality; Local accommodation; Retailers; Individuals / consumers;

Risks and Challenges

We believe that the MERCACHEFE.PT proposal is totally disruptive, either because it brings higher profitability to producers, or because it allows substantially more attractive final sales prices for buyers (companies & consumers).

  • Success depends on the presence of sellers (producers / brands), major global and national brands, with relevant assortments of products with high quality,  available stock being an essential condition, and at the same time a risk.
  • By positioning ourselves very close to national sellers (producers / brands), we make our proposal sustainable, optimizing the economic circle, however, we are talking about small producers (most will be micro companies), so their volatility is not negligible.


We make money by charging companies that sell with us.

  •       % commission on B2B sales and % on B2C;
  •       Entrance fee;
  •       Sale of banners on the website;
  •       Digital marketing;
  •       % on delivery costs;


Founded by Ricardo Wallis, CEO & Founder.

Like any company, we are as good as our people. Operations and technology, in particular, require exceptional talent in order to offer an exceptional service to our customers and we have unwavering high standards in all sectors.

  •        Specialists in e-commerce to introduce products and configure the area of ​​each wholesaler.
  •        Pre and post order service, so that both customers and wholesalers are properly informed and elucidated about the progress of each order.
  •        Outsourced logistics service, but fully coordinated by us, to minimize all failures.
  •        Commercial team, which demonstrates the platform to buyers.
  •        Stock management team that updates stocks daily in collaboration with sellers.
  •        Customer managers: Their mission is to coordinate the progress of each order placed by buyers who are under their supervision.
  •        Technical support by phone, chat, email and skype.

The team consists of more than 20 professionals.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is also a function on which we will be focusing our recruitment efforts, as marketing will be the key to our growth.

Expansion and Marketing: In particular, we will focus on how we can strengthen our online and offline marketing efforts. Marketing and expansion go hand in hand and our goal is to be at the forefront of every consumer’s mind.

Digital marketing

Our marketing channels have been largely digital and we have made good use of many of the usual Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram suspects. We also conduct email marketing by sending weekly newsletters, SMS marketing monthly.


Now we want to replicate our success in Portugal to other countries, continuing to generate revenue in this way.

In the future, we believe that there will be tremendous monetary value from our licensing agreements with supermarkets, supply markets, manufacturers and distributors across Latin America and Europe.

As our business model (vertical B2B2C e-marketplace on the Horeca channel) is unique worldwide, as our technology and operations are now of a high standard, enough to license, and this is our next big step.

We are in advanced conversations with some of the world's largest supply markets on how MercaChefe can provide a personalized solution to put them online: we call this “Powered by MercaChefe”.

Through the partnership with SIMAB (it belongs to the "board" of the World Market Union - WUWM), which includes internationalization, we are in advanced conversations with several wholesale markets in Latin America and Europe and, we will need to invest significantly in these businesses. This investment will ensure that we will be able to implement our technology out of the box, operations at the scale required by our partners. We should be able to do this in a matter of months and on the necessary scale.

As a result of this partnership agreement, MercaChefe has already developed a partnership and is part of a company MERCACHEFE AL - Comercio Eletronico Ltda. Headquartered in Nova Lima, BH, MG, Brazil, which launches in 2021, it is in advanced negotiations in other countries to create MercaChefe marketplaces in these countries.

In 2021 we created a new company, MERCACHEFE - Comércio Electrónico, Lda, only to this business.


Other ways to help

The success of this campaign, which we deeply believe in, depends not only on the funders but also on everyone who identifies with this business model and who can publicize our campaign.

If you want to invest in one of the best businesses of the moment, online food trade please contact us for details.

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