Small summary was the first B2B e-commerce platform for the HoReCa channel (hotels and restaurants) and a leader in this segment in Portugal.  Now we are a e-marketplace for the Portuguese market, serving professionals (B2B) and end consumers (B2C).

  • We created this company (BUYIN.PT - Comércio Electrónico, SA) in 2016, and in May 2018 we launched, we came to fill the inexistence of a marketplace proposal in the market, bringing producers and their products to their customers in a simple and efficient (B2B) mode. The path has been one of sustained growth, and after the Covid-19 pandemic the market started asking for the same solution for all customers (B2C), this led to a considerable acceleration of turnover, always maintaining high levels of service and customer satisfaction.
  • At this stage (covid-19 pandemic), MERCACHEFE.PT lacks notoriety in the B2C market and, for historical growth, to consolidate a Brand Awereness campaign supported by a nationwide communication action is essential. The financing is precisely to create this notoriety and knowledge of MERCACHEFE.PT through Marketing actions.
  • The existence of a marketplace like MERCACHEFE.PT, regardless of the major brands, brings several advantages to consumers, namely: lower prices, since the contribution to a marketplace is lower (-20%) than for a large retailer, allowing producers to have a more interesting purchase condition; the service that MERCACHEFE.PT offers is very different, as it guarantees very attractive delivery times (48h) in national coverage; Through partnerships already established with the best logistics companies and in particular with SIMAB (wholesale markets), we give the opportunity to small national producers to place their products on the market at national level.

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What we need and what you get

Share it for people in more detail:

  • In order to maintain the levels of service and quality to the customer, strategic partnerships were developed in the meantime (Logistics Operator), after this phase we want to proceed with the Marketing and Communication plan. This plan is divided between: Staffing: 15%; Communication (Web & physical): 10%; online and offline marketing: 60%; Branding: 15%
  • If the objective of the campaign is not achieved, there will be a proposal to include the values of the financing in the company's capital with the counterpart of the acquisition of company shares.
  • Invest in one of the best businesses of the moment, online food trade

The impact

MERCACHEFE.PT is part of the BUYIN.PT S.A universe, which is present in different parts of the globe - Lisbon (Portugal), Macau (China), and Minas Gerais (Brazil), most recently let's kicking off in Brazil through

  • MERCACHEFE.PT is founded by Ricardo Wallis, CEO & Founder.
  • The team consists of more than 20 professionals.

Risks and Challenges

We believe that the MERCACHEFE.PT proposal is totally disruptive, either because it brings higher profitability to producers, or because it allows substantially more attractive final sales prices for buyers (companies & consumers).

  • Success depends on the presence of sellers (producers / brands), major global and national brands, with relevant assortments of products with high quality,  available stock being an essential condition, and at the same time a risk.
  • By positioning ourselves very close to national sellers (producers / brands), we make our proposal sustainable, optimizing the economic circle, however, we are talking about small producers (most will be micro companies), so their volatility is not negligible.

"The B2B e-commerce industry has broad reach, encompassing everything from commerce infrastructure and payments technology to procurement and supply-chain solutions. But one area of the B2B e-commerce sector holds outsized promise: marketplaces. Even before the pandemic, B2B marketplaces were expected to generate $3.6 trillion in sales by 2024, up from an estimated $680 billion in 2018, according to payments research firm iBe TSD. They were already growing more quickly than most B2C marketplaces that predated them, and when COVID shutdowns hit, many companies scrambled to shift all purchasing online. A survey of business buyers conducted by Digital Commerce 360 found that 20% of purchasing managers spent more on marketplaces, and 22% spent significantly more, during the pandemic."

Other ways to help

The success of this campaign, which we deeply believe in, depends not only on the funders but also on everyone who identifies with this business model and who can publicize our campaign.

If you want to invest please contact us for details.

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