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The Kings Wrath Pinot Noir 2016

Caixa de 6 garrafas de 750 ml. 

Vinho premiado da Nova Zelândia.

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Sourced from selected Pinot Noir vineyards in the Southern Valleys of Marlborough.


100% Pinot Noir.

Why The Kings Series?

Brent Marris, founder of Marisco Vineyards is a descendant of William de Marisco.

In 1242 William de Marisco was implicated in an assassination attempt on King Henry the Third. Found guilty of high treason, William and 16 of his associates were sentenced to death.  It is said that the King was so displeased with William, he even requested a special punishment be devised – that of ‘quartering’. Following his execution, the four parts of William’s body were sent to the four corners of the Kingdom – as an example of what would happen to those incurring the full vehemence of the King’s Wrath.


Various Pinot Noir clones were lovingly hand-picked and destemmed into small, open-top fermentation tanks. Whole clusters were also added to select vessels to add complexity and structure to the resulting batches. Cold maceration was carried out for 5-7 days before a swift, warm fermentation. Ferments were plunged up to 4 times a day to increase the extraction of colour from the grape skins. After fermentation, batches were left for up to a week on their skins to soften the palate and increase the length and breadth of the wine. Once pressed off, the batches were individually aged in French Oak puncheons (50% new) for 10 months in which they underwent full malolactic fermentation.


Alcohol                        13.6%
pH                                3.64
T.A                               5.2g/L
Residual sugar             0.1g/L


Sweet-scented berry fruits with underlying oak-derived elements of toast and smoke characterise the aroma of The King’s Wrath Pinot Noir. The use of stems in fermentation give the wine a subtle perfumed forest floor and spice character. The richly-dense palate is built on layers of blackboy peach and red currants while a fine tannin structure contributes to tightness and length, as well as retaining freshness due to bright Marlborough acidity.

Named after founder Brent Marris’s forebears who bore the original De Marisco surname, Marisco Vineyards combines a family history steeped in the very beginnings of grapegrowing in Marlborough with a bold entrepreneurial spirit.

Brent Marris grew up on some of the very first vineyards in Marlborough, planted by his father. As a young winemaker, he was responsible for the development of two major New Zealand wine brands – Oyster Bay and Wither Hills.  Tapping into this deep well of knowledge, Brent selected a number of outstanding local sites as base for a venture to create his own family legacy – Marisco Vineyards. These vineyards now produce world renowned brands such as The Ned and The Kings Series, as well as targeted niche brands such as The Craft Series. 

Marlborough’s first qualified winemaker

Driven by a love of viticulture and winemaking instilled in his teens, Brent was the first local Marlborough lad to become a qualified winemaker.  In 1994, after helping Delegats establish the Oyster Bay brand, he founded Wither Hills with his father, pioneering Marlborough viticulturist John Marris. Eight years later, the brand had grown dramatically and was sold to to multi-national beverage company Lion Nathan. Brent continued as managing director and chief winemaker until 2007. Marisco Vineyards was conceived in 2003, when Brent began his search for a special vineyard property to provide a base for his next venture. This time, the aim was to establish a family legacy that last for generations.

Home vineyard and The Ned

With the vast knowledge he built up as a youngster exploring the local area and what he had learned later as a Marlborough viticulturist and winemaker, Brent found an exceptional 268 hectare property on the banks of the Waihopai River. Here he planted the varieties that has won Marlborough fame the world over: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.  Using fruit from these vineyards, The Ned brand was launched in 2006.  Named after one of the tallest peaks to the southeast of the vineyard that he used to climb as a kid, The Ned is a deeply personal project for Brent.


Elegant, functional winery

In 2009, work started on a winery that was both aesthetically elegant and extremely functional, designed using innovations and technologies adapted from other industries where necessary. In the same year, The Kings Series range was launched. With this launch, it was decided to give the business a name that could be used across different wine brands. Brent researched his family tree and found that his name derived from William de Marisco, a descendant of King Henry I. He promptly resurrected the original family name for the business – Marisco Vineyards.

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In New Zealand, Marisco Vineyards wines are distributed by Lion Nathan. However, more than 80% of our wine is exported. Our first offshore sales were made in Australia in 2010. Marisco Vineyards moved into the USA, Canada and China in 2011, and we have since built relationships in Norway and Sweden.  Only five years after releasing its first wine, Marisco Vineyards was crowned New Zealand Winery of the Year at the 2011 International Wine & Spirits Challenge.  Since winning that prestigious accolade, Marisco Vineyards has continued to grow our vineyard resource, our winemaking expertise, our wine brands and our distribution. 



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