Do you want to start an ecommerce business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are one of the best B2B ecommerce franchise opportunities.

B2B e-commerce is defined as the buying and selling of products exclusively through electronic channels, here companies can order various products and pay for their purchase via the internet.

Our business is e-commerce business to business (B2B), where companies, such as manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers exchange products among themselves.

MercaChefe B2B e-commerce franchise, are ideal for those who have a good business background in is country and would prefer the streamlined B2B marketplace compared to the busy B2C one, generate high returns in a relatively short time. For those who’d prefer not to take on a B2C franchise, B2B opportunity come in office-based format, dealing with everything from business and marketing plan, consultancy and recruitment through to something as basic but utterly essential as postage. 

Our MercaChefe e-commerce software allowed nontechnical franchise to trade online, designed to be managed and maintained by nontechnical personnel, and gives franchiser the opportunity to promote  local products, a key factor in persuading distributors to begin trading B2B online.

With in-built, powerful and secure web services and data transfer schedulers, the ecommerce platform allows MercaChefe to push product updates to each of their individual franchiser’s websites, ensuring that they are maintaining consistent and up-to-date branding and product information across their network.

The MercaChefe ecommerce platform can help to grow local sellers business by offering an ecommerce solution, and enable professional HoReCa buyers to be able to buy directly, without intermediaries.

Additionally, the systems ecommerce functionality can ensure that you remain in control of your fees, use our brand and corporate image on your satellite e-marketplace.

Benefits for sellers:
Simple and free access to e-commerce: in a few clicks, create an account to promote your brand and the different products you offer.
Connection to multiple buyers and access to new markets: as a HoReCa specialized platform, MercaChefe gives you access to a specialize market and helps you enhance your company’s potential.
Simplified selling process: MercaChefe makes transactions easier for everyone. Automated invoicing, sales performance monitoring, market analysis: all you need.

Benefits for buyers:
Simple access to a regularly updated HoReCa catalog: No need to look any further. MercaChefe offers you an exhaustive catalog of solutions offered by numerous suppliers on an local scale. Get the best shopping experience with MercaChefe.
Easy to find and compare: MercaChefe makes your decisions more secure. Get access to a wide variety of products, as well as the information you need to compare and choose from trusted sellers.
Simplified purchasing process: MercaChefe is a simple and innovative purchasing solution. All your purchases can be centralized in a single order.

If you want to open a MercaChefe e-marketplace in your country please contact us for details.

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